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Questions? Call +31 (0) 6 518 488 01
A service by ASN Autoschade in partnership with The Valet Guys

Repair & Fly



You may have experienced it: your car is damaged, but you
don’t have the time to have it repaired. ASN and The Valet Guys have the solution you’re looking for: our Repair & Fly service.

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What are the benefits?

5 benefits of Repair & Fly.

  1. Free parking while you travel.

  2. No time wasted waiting for your car to be repaired.

  3. No costs for substitute transportation.

  4. Valet service on departure and arrival of your trip.

  5. If your car is unexpectedly unavailable when returning, we will provide replacement carriage for you and we will exchange your car at home when it is ready.

A service by ASN Autoschade

In partnership with The Valet Guys.

  • The service is only offered from Schiphol Airport.
  • Free if the repair value € 500, - including VAT or higher is.
  • Under the € 500, - including VAT, ASN may charge fees to you for Repair & Fly service.
  • It excludes windscreen repairs and bites clips.

You can use the service if you have permission from your leasing or insurance company or if you have paid and made an appointment through the Repair & Fly booking form. Your leasing or insurance company may charge you for the Repair & Fly service. If you do not pay a tax deduction for private use of your business car, please note that the journey to The Valet Guys can be considered by the tax authorities as personal use. If you have any questions and / or comments, please contact us.

Book now?
This button will lead you to the Dutch booking form, for other languages you can also contact us by phone or email.

How does Repair & Fly work?

Our service in 6 steps.

  1. Report the damage to your leasing company or insurance provider or, if you are paying yourself, directly to ASN via

  2. Use the form to make a booking.

  3. Call the valet service.

  4. A valet service employee will be waiting for you.

  5. Your car will be repaired by ASN while you travel.

  6. Your recovered car will be available via the valet service.

Valet Service. How does it work?

Please contact a member of valet service at least 30 minutes before you arrive at the airport on number +31 (0) 6 518 488 01. They will ensure you that a driver will be waiting in the departure hall. Coming back from your flight, please call the valet service as soon as you land. 

The driver will arrange the location via telephone. Do not drive the Valet Parking at Schiphol itself at the departure hall, meeting point is often for departure hall 2.
ONLY in case of emergency or no answer you can call:
+31 (0) 20 2065180.